We, at Awakey, have been passionate about solving daily hassles of our customers, one at a time. We identified early, physical keys as something which caused a lot of inconvenience to our customers, getting stuck outside doors which they had authorized access to.

Locks were invented to make one feel secure in their own space. But the hassles this closed world brought onto, made us think! There has to be a better way.

And that’s how we set out to make locks that were not just digital, but also smart. Our initial models, famously known as Awakey Go, and Zero, received a lot of attention due to their coolness of being able to be controlled through mobile phones. But sooner we realized, that controlling your lock through an app, was cool, but it wasn’t that convenient.

That’s when we started questioning every product decision, and starting from 2014, the evolution has never stopped. We still constantly try to learn from our user behavior and optimize this journey.

In 2017, one of the India’s giant in locking industry, Jainson Locks, tied hands with Awakey Tech to sell our offerings to their most prominent stores acorss the nation.

Today, Awakey Euro is sold at 40+ stores in India, and counting! It is one of the offering that we are really proud of. Our customers, who used it once, never looked back!

We plan to come out with more such products, that actually are able to solve real problems. For us, this moment, it is just the start!

Awakey – Incubated in Netherlands, & Found with love in India.