Its time to change. The way you access your doors.

  • Digital Access

    Enter a password to open your lock. Forget keys. And the hassle of losing them.

  • Multi users

    Create upto 10 unique passwords to grant access to friends and family. Revoke when you want.

  • Move it like Furniture

    Install and uninstall within minutes. Move it when you want. All you need is a screw driver.

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The Digital lifestyle

The Digital lifestyle

The millennial generation prefers digital. And so do we. Eliminate keys and eliminate the hassles it comes with.

Go Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life?

Awakey Euro runs up to 1 year, on 3 AAA batteries . The batteries can be replaced easily from outside the door.

Can I install this myself?

Awakey Euro can be easily installed on your handle lock with just a screwdriver. If you have ever screwed a nut, you can install this!. And It's as easy to setup. If you still face a problem, we are available to help, at +91 9680 999 111.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Awakey Euro is backed by Jainson's 1 year replacement warranty. If you ever face a problem, send us the product, and we will send you back a new one!


Awakey Euro, the digital cylinder series, helps you to easily go digital. It can replace any euro cylinder that is installed in a handle lock. All you need to do is screw a nut.

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